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An unforgivable sin… 2018 the year, we released something.

Our strength is not to release.

Our Objectives

– countless foolish ideas –

– meaningless boredom –

– superior poor realized –

Deadlines are just a bugaboo.

We decide when the egg is hatched.

Successfully not released

since 2006

projects – from outer space

Freie Fresse

FreieFresse defines a new state of the art satire concept.

Low information – high value. Urban microcosmos revealed.

The Dirty Business Show

The Dirty Business Show focus on the world of StartUps.

Authentic information about the entrepreneur´s life.

Sharen Wonderland

SharenWonderland is the alternative BERLIN It – Girl.

Fashion meets Art, Design, town rebels and total chaos.

(Online-Shop available soon)

Bobek und Lolek

Bobek und Lolek looks out for the hidden in everyday life.

The unspoken shall resonate. Self Embarrassment is the agenda.

The Nils Glahn Project

Nils is a visionary in urban centered livestyle.

In a cooperation we blend our skills in media and mentality art. Release in the end of 2018.

You want it more serious?

go to this looser webpage:

You like the show off style?

We love communication and to shut up.

We live new formats not just doing them.

We stand for long-term bondage throughout the media industry, so don´t f... around with us.


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