powerUP Features


developement &

We like papers, pencils and fax due to bung, to stuff or just to weight.

production planing

We guarantee a comfortable amount of breaks in production time. We stimulate our filmworkers to do sports and keep mentally fit.


We are pacifists with black belt. Please think about twice shrinking a budget demanding the same result.

placing media minions

All is about the individual. We are diligant ants with need for sleep, food and love. Work should be hard and candy.

Intellectual Features

  • developement & strategy
  • planing production / campaign
  • shooting
  • placing film/media workers

Technical Features

  • Dailies / Editing
  • compositing / VFX
  • primary / secundary Color Correction
  • filmmusic, voice over
  • subtitling
  • LTO BackUp / USV / data redundancy

Lowbrow Section - Volume 01

Who is  on the lookout for new ways of media realization for example recorded on S-VHS and Betamax? Where are the extravagant perspectives or classic shots, concisely placed striking bogus looking effects or unintelligently controversial provocation, surprise and confusion?

We love to play the fool!


Lowbrow Section - Volume 02

Who analyzes even bad ideas and transforms them into individually characterized, media-effective sentiment profiles that are symbiotically embedded in the audio-visual medium through customer-, market-, genre- and format-specific design?

We are pathetic media-geneticists!

Looking For Instant Access To Severity

You feel totally distracted and confused by us.

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